๐Ÿ˜ŽCustom Fields for People

Customize Mogul by adding custom fields for people, making it yours.

Custom Field Editor

By default, Mogul includes a few fields like "Name", "Email" and "Notes". You can expand on these by adding custom fields to Mogul.

You can access the custom fields editor by clicking "Customize Fields" at the bottom of any person's profile or by visiting your account settings and clicking "Customize Fields" in the "Customization" section.

Mogul supports the following field types

  1. Text Field - A single line text field.

    • Examples: Company, University, Linkedin URL, Twitter URL...

  2. Text Area - A multi-line text field.

    • Examples: List of children's names, previous companies, favorite books...

  3. Dropdown - Select from a list of options. Great for set categories.

    • Example: Categorize people as either "Personal" or "Work"

  4. Important Date

    • Examples: Birthdays, Work Anniversaries or even a Death Anniversaries (as a reminder to be mindful during a certain time)

You can add custom fields by scrolling down and clicking the "Add Field" button, as shown below. Once you've made all the changes you want, you can click "Publish Changes".

Custom fields will appear on user's profiles and search results.

Certain fields cannot be modified or deleted. They will appear with a lock icon.

Custom fields are supported within the mobile app! They will automatically appear within the app as you edit the fields

Searchable Fields

If you want your custom field to be searchable, simply toggle the "Searchable" toggle on the field. Dates are unable to be made searchable.

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