Reminders are a great way to keep yourself accountable and remember to always follow up with people.

Creating Reminders

Mogul supports 2 types of reminders:
  1. 1.
    One-time reminders
  2. 2.
    Recurring reminders
Recurring reminders are great if you want to remember to follow up with somebody every few weeks or months.
You can create reminders 2 ways
  1. 1.
    Going to the Reminders Tab and then clicking "New Reminder"
Creating a reminder from the Reminders page
2. Going to a specific person and clicking "New Item" -> "New Reminder" at the top right
Creating a reminder from a person's page

The Reminders Tab

The Reminders tab shows you all the reminders you've created. You can see pending reminders as well as future reminders + edit and mark reminders as complete from this screen.
We also show a little badge on the sidebar when you have a pending reminder that is past due.
The Reminders Tab

Email Notifications

If you opt-in for Email notifications for reminders, you will receive emails on the reminder delivery date. They look like this:
If you have End-to-End Encryption enabled on your account, reminders will be more generic and you'll need to click on the link to view the specific data.
You can turn Reminder emails on and off within the settings page, as seen below.
Enabling Reminder Emails within the settings

iOS Notifications

You can also choose to receive notifications on your iOS device. You can modify these settings through the iOS app settings and clicking "iOS Reminders"