๐ŸŽฏKeep in Touch Goals

Keep in Touch Goals are one of the first "accountability features" we are introducing. This feature lets you set goals for individual people and helps you see who you are losing touch with.

This is available for both the Web and iOS apps and is part of our free plan ๐Ÿ™Œ

How does it work?

Goals is a very light way to visualize how in/out-of-touch you are with certain people.

You can set goals for people you need some extra accountability with.

Once enabled, you can see your goals on all tables and when viewing an individual person. For all tables, you'll see a new "Goal" column appear that indicates how on track you are to hitting your goals.

Clicking on a goal chip will show you some additional information.

You can even sort by Goals!

Goals also appear on each person's profile. You can see what goal was set and if you are on track to hitting it.

Enabling the feature

You can enable Goals on both the web and mobile apps by going into settings and scrolling down to "Keep in Touch goals".

Disabling the feature does NOT wipe any of the data. If you re-enable it, your previous goals will re-appear

Adding a goal

You can add a goal when creating or editing a person. When enabled, a new "Keep in touch Goal" field will appear automatically.

Goals on iOS

When enabled, a new indicator will appear when scrolling through a list of people.

Goals will also be visible when viewing a person's profile.

You can toggle the feature on/off in the settings page by scrolling down to "Keep in Touch Goals"

Future plans for this feature

Goals is currently a very light feature, but we have plans on making it more robust and helpful.

Some things we are exploring are enabling reminders about goals (example: Reminding you when you start to get off-track with a goal or when a goal is missed completely) and even Group goals (still trying to figure out what this looks like).

If you have any suggestions, please reach out to chris@mogulnetworking.com

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